Why are more and more people using wood-plastic composites?

Why are more and more people using wood-plastic composites?

Wood can bring warmth and happiness to people, and give people a sense of happiness at home, which is why architects are keen on using wood.

However, due to the excessive harvesting and reclamation of human beings, the world forest area is decreasing continuously. According to statistics, the world forest area is dying out at the rate of 16 million hectares per year, with 27 billion tons of soil lost and 6 million hectares of land desertified every year.

And the wood itself has various defects. It is easy to change color, rot, crack, and have pests, and various defects and deformations will appear during processing.

Therefore, in architectural design, people are more inclined to look for a new type of environmental protection material similar to wood, which can keep the wood texture and meet the designer’s requirements for innovation.

Wood-plastic composite material has the advantages of resource utilization of raw materials, plasticization of products, environmental protection and regeneration, etc., and its ecological and environmental benefits are very significant. It is a real low-carbon and environmental protection industry. Wood-plastic material has the characteristics of energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, low carbon, sustainable development, etc. Using one ton of wood-plastic material can reduce CO2 by 12.6 tons. “Replacing wood with plastic” has become a new trend in the development of global new materials industry. Using wood-plastic materials can not only protect natural forest resources, but also satisfy consumers’ demand for wood.

Hitech wood has little damage to the earth in raw material taking, product manufacturing, use or recycling, and raw material processing. Hitech wood is a PVC-based wood-plastic composite material, which is prepared by blending PVC and a large amount of wood powder with special functional modifiers on the basis of grafting and coating treatment technology of wood powder surface, compatible modification of interface between polymer and wood material, and efficient and environmentally-friendly stable system of PVC.

According to the environmental requirements of outdoor products, Hitech wood uses professional weather-resistant formula technology, which makes good performance in outdoor rain and snow climate, excellent waterproof and mildew resistance, and can still show good wood texture and color without special care and maintenance in futuer.

With the strengthening of technology, Hitech wood has good thermal insulation performance, and its extremely low thermal conductivity makes it a new type of building energy-saving material.