Starbucks, wood-plastic decorative wallboard

Starbucks, wood-plastic decorative wallboard

As a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating the “third space”, Starbucks has made no less efforts in space design than the products themselves. Every detail of the decoration design in Starbucks can make people feel that “this design is reasonable”, consider the spatial layout from the consumer’s point of view, and pursue the ultimate user experience.

Starbucks has turned coffee shop into a social place, which not only shapes the romantic atmosphere of coffee shop in its senses, but also pays attention to the storefront door and storefront decoration.

The walls of Starbucks are usually decorated with wooden materials. Relatively speaking, wood-plastic materials have vivid wood texture, stronger weatherability, higher surface hardness, less scratch and lower water absorption, which greatly improves the service life of materials.

Maybe many companies will think that any material can decorate such an atmosphere, without sticking to a certain material, but Starbucks doesn’t think so. Starbucks is a large global enterprise with unified quality and service standards. They hope to set an example in the global environmental protection cause and let more people join in the environmental protection cause.

Wood-plastic, a kind of polymer composite material, has the texture and impression of wood, but abandons the shortcomings of wood. Outdoor wallboard made of wood-plastic material has better moisture-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-proof properties, and wood-plastic can be recycled, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and has no pollution.

In the final analysis, what consumers ultimately choose is not the taste of coffee, but an atmosphere of drinking coffee. Through the creation of details, Starbucks makes users feel an indescribable pleasure in Starbucks stores.